The Barn

My husband and I have had a year long endeavor converting our small, 5 acre, mostly wooded property to be horse worthy. We turned a 30×40 empty-shell-of-a-barn into a safe, horse friendly space. I cannot believe that after just shy of one year we finally pounded in our last nail and threaded our last screw. It’s amazing to me the amount of work that one human being can do, with a little help of some friends. (I’ll cover in detail the construction process later on.)

This past year has been amazing, stressful, and as most horse crazy people can relate, expensive!!

You see, it was one year ago today our lives started to change, in the big horses-are-coming home kind of way.  We closed on our second-ever home.  My husband insisted we focus inside the home first. The interior needed some work, as with nearly any newly purchased home. We painted, put new flooring in, and made some other minor repairs. I love the way everything turned out, but was mostly giddy to start the barn. I thought long and hard about what was ideal for my future routine with my two bay horses and came up with a set up that will hopefully work for me. When the home repairs were complete, we started in on the barn! And I’m totally head-over-heels in love with the way everything turned out!

So here we are after one years worth of hard work and dedication the horses will be home soon and I feel like I’m going to vomit. I’ve wanted this from the get go. I’ve wanted this from the day my very first bay horse took his first step out of the trailer. A years worth of time and money put into this barn, an extensive horsey endeavor, and I am a nervous wreck. My little bay horses are coming home and the apprehensive, worrisome part of me who talks myself out of nearly every possible change in my life is giving me a big no!

Ahh help me curb my fears!! I know deep down inside this is just one more big adventure in horsemanship. I will learn a lot, and make a few mistakes along the way, but overall my horses are going to enjoy their time and home and I will enjoy washing my dishes, looking out my kitchen window, and enjoy the beautiful scene of two wonderful bay horses in the back yard.


My little heaven on earth. (This photo posted later, about 1 week after the horses officially came home.)



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